Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Susan McKenna & Jim Campbell, Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

Our first wedding of the year was in the beautiful Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. While Susan was getting ready in her grand suite, surrounded by her maid, flowergirls and friends, Jim turned up at the hotel in his swish sky-blue convertible and headed for the bar with his ushers.
They were married in the hotel with the spring sun flooding the room.
After the ceremony we went off to take a few photos around the hotel and the couple then joined their guests for a champagne reception, before being invited in to the wedding breakfast by the MC.
We wish Susan and Jim all the best in their marriage and look forward to showing them the rest of the photographs!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

2008 highlights: Save the last dance...

Ending our 2008 Highlights are our favourite dance photographs. After a happy day, a good dinner and free-flowing wine, the dancing at a wedding is usually fantastic. We love capturing the love, laughter and beautiful lighting on dancefloors across the country.

2008 highlights: All in the detail...

Sometimes the smallest details can tell the best stories. Whether it's a freshly-poured glass of champagne, the best man mulling over his speech or a musician engrossed in their art.
We love capturing these little details to tell a bigger, more colourful story of a perfect day. Here are a few of the details that have helped make the memories of the day more vivid: