Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Laura & Stephen, Dalmeny Kirk & Dundas Castle, South Queensferry | Wedding Photography

I'm more than a little excited to be sharing this wedding with you! 
We had such a fantastic time capturing Laura and Stephen's wedding in September - they made the job so easy for us too, with lots (and lots!) of beautiful things to capture. One real highlight was the incredible dessert buffet, which included the most delicious looking cakes (and personalised M&M's!), all presented beautifully - too pretty to eat (almost).

You may remember Laura and Stephen's engagement shoot earlier this year, where we managed to arrange the shoot for the only warm and sunny evening in a month of rain. Amazingly they pulled off the weather card again at their wedding - two days after the wedding the rain, wind and cold weather set in - but on their big day the sun shone warmly all day!

As an added bonus on this day, we had the pleasure to be working with some very talented wedding industry friends on this wedding.
Enjoy this little preview and the abundance of wedding gorgeousness below:

Laura's father adding final touches to his speech.

Stephen had delivered a beautiful present to Laura in the morning - I loved watching her face as she read his card.

Laura and Stephen, it's been so nice to get to know you both over the last year and having the absolute pleasure of sharing your wedding day with you.

We hope you have enjoyed this little preview and look forward to showing you the rest of the photos soon!

Ditte & Chris 

Laura and Stephen's suppliers included:

Flowers: Planet Flowers
Bridesmaid Dresses: Freja Dress Designer
Hair and Make-up: Made-Up
Sweet Buffet: Cup Couture and Planet Flowers
Videographer: Cherry Tree Films
Fireworks: 21cc Fireworks
Wedding Photography: First Light Photography


  1. Greetings from America!

    Wow! Great Photography.. Fantastic Job.

    Long time photographer here, now coaching photography to younger lads and lassies.

    Any chance I can feature your blog in an upcoming piece I'm writing? Tips for new Photographers from "Proven professionals?"

    Can't imagine your bride wouldn't be thrilled to have her wedding pics highlighted, with uplifting comments on how the images came out beautiful.

    I've retired now, due to a spider bite of all things and a nasty fall (Not while shooting) that cracked a few discs in the back.

    Now I teach others.

    If you are interested, contact me and maybe consider an easy interview for an additional piece as well.

    Regardless of your answer.

    Great images!

    You got game!


  2. Lovely photographs, we loved being part of this wedding and work with Laura and her sweet bridesmaids.

  3. Yes, Attractive and lovely photography when the moment is memorable.

  4. I appreciate the setting selection and the photograph angle. The light effect is perfect. Overall great work.

  5. Such gracious moment! Great capture indeed.

  6. Wow, how Attractive and lovely photography these are !